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ARGUS Platinum Rating

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Premium Jet decided in spring 2017 to obtain the ARGUS Platinum rating. With this decision we went down a road only 136 business aviation companies worldwide accomplished, 4 of them in Europe – so we are number 5 in this row.

Cover Picture:

  • Right: Joe Moeggenberg, CEO and President, ARGUS International, Inc.
  • Left: Frank Wobith, Safety and Compliance Manager, Premium Jet AG

After an extremely short preparation time (300 audit questions had to be worked on and turned in) we welcomed the ARGUS auditors in our offices, 2 full days our books, procedures, documentations and the responsible persons were screened and checked against our answers.

We are proud to be able to state, that the auditors highlighted the professionalism of Premium Jet, because our quality standards are reached by other companies only during the third or fourth audit!

The ARGUS Platinum rating means for us that beyond the already stringent standards of the aviation administration we also satisfy an independent, freely chosen and international quality and safety standard.

For our customers an additional and apparent safety and quality attribute.

With the ARUGS Platinum rating we own a worldwide recognized symbol of flight safety, safety management and professionalism in business aviation. It accounts the distinguished operator as safety minded company whose procedure are sustainably checked and intensively controlled – and it goes much deeper and further than other quality audits, including its “kid brother”, the widely-spread ARGUS Gold rating.


Broker, charter customers and aircraft owner don’t need to conduct own audits anymore and can give their customers or themselves in our hands in all conscience.

We are proud to be a part of this outstanding hallmark of quality.

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