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Europe travelled in one week – efficient and with style

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JetDreams offers with a new and innovative product, the so called “Carefree Jet Travel”, a new segment in the luxury travel market. Picking up the concept of the popular cruise ships where the passengers visit within a week several different destinations, JetDreams arranges multi-destination-flights for specific European regions – with private or rather business jets of the Zurich domiciled Premium Jet.

JetDreams places at your disposal a jet with crew and a travel assistant who with the help of JetDreams back office undertakes all hotel-, restaurant- and excursion bookings while trying to make each of your wishes become reality. The daily flights are short, one to one and a half hours and take place after breakfast in order to enjoy lunch already at the next destination – unless you want if different. Your wish is our command.

The motto is to discover a lot of Europe within a short time, no stress, no crowds, away from the big airports, directly from the car to the aircraft, with site-familiar escorts and around-the-clock support of our travel assistants, often in the language of our customers: Russian, Chinese, Arabic? No problem! Culture program, shopping, business meeting? No problem!

Private and relaxed sightseeing, away from the boom towns, which you know anyhow, away from mass tourism towards the history laden pearls in rural areas. We have compiled around twelve trips for you, be it the Queens route via England, Ireland to Iceland or the Columbus route along rich-in-history places in Spain and/or Portugal, eventually with a little hop to the Canaries to round up the trip. Looking for a special restaurant a helicopter trip, deep-sea fishing, a dive? You decide, we arrange.

A flight around the Matterhorn, landing on a glacier for a photo shoot for a bridal couple from Dubai? With a speed boat along the cost of Cinque Terre for a group of young Russians? With 2-mot propeller aircraft to Bohemia, Poland and the Baltic States to discover unknown places of interest for two history interested gentlemen? Memories of the old hotel in Krakow with the massive four-poster bed in a 10 meter high room with colored led glass windows looking onto the old city square? We delivered!

Such a program also could be comprised for a company outing to strengthen personal relations and the team spirit. Contact us, the sky and beyond is the limit.

Our travel programs provide you in an everyday more digital, global and complex world new freedom and travel experiences – and the peace and assurance, that your precious time belongs to you while travelling with us – we take care of that.

For this very reason JetDreams was established for you …

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