Advantages of Aircraft Management

  • Safety & Piece of Mind

    Security comes first and you are freed from administrative and operational tasks.

  • Contact Persons

    You always have a competent contact person for all your questions and concerns.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Reduction in the purchase of third-party services through the purchasing power of a jet fleet.

  • Best Value Retention

    No unjustified payment by checking invoices and maintenance work.

And what does this look like in practice?
Read our Case Study and learn how we increased a heavy jet's revenue by 21%!

Following the financial crisis, the business aviation market was completely saturated. Plagued by overcapacities and considerable declines in demand, some charter prices dropped to levels barely higher than the operating expenses.

Not an easy market environment to increase capacity utilization and revenues.

But that’s exactly what we did. With a functional marketing plan, adapted to the aircraft and the market conditions, we could yeald an extra revenue of 21% in the very first year!

Premium jet

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