The Advantages of Charter Flights

  • Time Savings

    Avoid unnecessary waiting times at terminals and fly to your destination without stopover.

  • Flexibility

    Your meeting takes longer than planned? No problem, your crew is waiting for you at the airport.

  • More Destinations

    You can also fly to destinations that are difficult or impossible to reach by scheduled flights.

  • Cost Savings

    Even if it sounds hard to believe: charter flights are in some cases cheaper than scheduled flights.

You do not use Charter Flights yet?

Find out if it’s worth for your company to use charter flights.

It’s hard to imagine today’s business world without charter flights. No surprise, since business travellers enjoy not only more comfort but are also saving time and therefore increase productivity. Even for SMEs charter can be an ideal addition to regular commercial flights.

In some cases, charter flights are even cheaper than scheduled flights. Therefore, they are the ideal complement to scheduled flights for SMEs.

In 4 chapters you will learn more about:

  • The advantages of charter flights and costs
  • The different booking models
  • Process of a charter booking
  • Jet types
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