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Meet us at EBACE 2017

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Allow me take a brief look back. The IBAA (International Business Aviation Association) was founded in Eindhoven in 1977 by Dr. Frits Philips – with 12 members. Seven years later, Brussels was deemed to be the more strategic base for this type of association, now operating under the name of EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) with 49 members.

In 1991, I had the honor of organizing the first EBAA member meeting to be held outside of Brussels here in Zurich.

10 years later, in 2001, the first EBACE (European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition) – with 137 members – was held for the first time, in cooperation with the much bigger American National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Right from the outset, it was a success story which spanned many years – with constantly growing exhibitor numbers, the latest business jets on display, ever increasing visitor numbers and now over 800 members.

Today, the EBAA is the mouthpiece for business aviation in Europe, and is in constant dialogue with the civil aviation authorities, EU member states, and EASA (which, along with the EU countries, also includes Switzerland, Norway and Iceland)


  • All large and many small and medium-sized operators from all over Europe
  • All manufacturers of business jets and turboprops
  • All manufacturers of avionics and anything else forming part of modern aviation
  • Many representatives of airports and airfields, ranging from the „big players“ to those only suitable for business and private aviation
  • Many representatives of civil aviation authorities, both from Europe and offshore registers like Bermuda, Isle of Man, Aruba etc.
  • Suppliers of whatever business aviation needs (or doesn’t need J)

Right amongst it all is Premium Jet, with its own booth, and always willing to show you the EBACE, arrange aircraft viewings, assist you, advise you, present our services to you, and give you an overview of everything – with absolutely no obligation.

Arrange a meeting

If you’ve found a love for business aviation, find us at the EBACE, Booth F70 – we’ll be there all 3 days.

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