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Premium Jet optimizes its already excellent on-board catering

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Concluding a successful and flight hour intensive year and getting ready for a lovely and reflective advent time we invited our proven catering partner Torsten Götz to arrange together with the cabin crew team a fantastic evening event as well as to learn.

Torsten allowed the Premium Jet cabin team to look over his shoulder during the preparation and arrangements for our inflight caterings and at the same gave us inspiring insights.

In particular, he encouraged the team to consider the quality characteristics of the various products, their different features and suitability as on-board food and – of utmost importance – how to best present the catering to our guests.

After the successful « making » we took the chance to serve our creations to representatives of our customers. A full culinary success as well as a much appreciated event.

We look forward to hopefully soon serving you our High Class Catering. It would be our pleasure and honour to welcome you aboard. We would feel honoured and be delighted and wish you a happy pre-Christmas-time.

With festive greetings and our best wishes for the Holiday Season

Sarah Schmidt
Head of Cabin Charter Fleet

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