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In the case study, we describe how we used our exclusive “Premium Jet Businessjet-Charter Market Analysis” to create a new marketing concept for a heavy jet, enabling our customer to increase its income by 21% in the very first year.

At the time, our customer’s heavy jet was still being managed by another operator. But the owner was not happy with the capacity utilization or income.

So the customer contacted Premium Jet AG to get a confidential, non-binding second opinion.



If you’d like to know what your private jet’s potential is on the market, you too can request the “Premium Jet Chartering Market Analysis” and take advantage of our extensive industry knowledge.

The market analysis covers the following points in relation to the market and your plane::

  • Market situation
  • Competitors
  • Demand
  • Pricing
  • Operational costs
  • Forecast
  • Recommendations

Your personal market analysis gives you a specific report to help you plan your next steps in detail. It is of course confidential and without any obligation.

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